Christine Sullivan is a Santa Fe artist and graphic designer originally from NYC. Her design practice specializes in arts/community projects. Her clients include Guggenheim Museum, The New Press and others. She also taught portfolio design at City College, New York.

Sullivan’s mixed media artworks play with messaging and imagery found in newspapers, advertising, protest posters, and church banners. She works with felt banners or uses other material, like newspaper, as a sort of placard foundation, incorporating preachy and absurd messaging in felt letters.

These artworks are designed to illustrate the fine line between deception and truth that society is often unwittingly exposed to. Perhaps having attended parochial school as a child and worked in advertising as an adult, Sullivan has developed a keen eye and sensitivity to this notion. She is fascinated with the hidden propaganda in our daily lives and her work encourages the viewer to ask questions about the mores they readily follow in religion, work and community.

In 2022, Sullivan realized Hope Dies Last: A Tribute to Studs Terkel and American Activists to reinvigorate the collective spirit in a time of uncertainty. The work, a Santa Fe Railyard Art Project, was a large green felt banner emblazoned with the word “hope” installed in the park. As the outside elements took their toll on the felt material, “hope” remained as proof that it will not die.

Sullivan connected with the community of Santa Fe in 2020-2021 when she realized her social practice project, Felt During COVID. She encouraged artists and everyday people to create felt banners, giving voice to their experiences of life during COVID, and ultimately making a lasting snapshot of this unusual time. The collection was exhibited at the Santa Fe Public Library gallery. A virtual reception and auction to benefit the Navajo Nation COVID Response Fund followed.

Sullivan is also a SITE Santa Fe Silver Linings finalist. Flowers Grow Out of Dark Moments —Corita Kent, a mixed media work, was exhibited as an enlarged, billboard outside the museum.